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Creating demo blocks



Businesses block can include many separate tabs which can be navigate inside one block area. Each tab has own picture , own text and up to 4 link.

Businesses block will be created by following below steps:

  • Create a new Business block and publish it.
  • After publishing open the block for editing and start to add there "Info carousel items". 
  • You can add different content to each item:
    • Title
    • Image
    • Teaser text
    • Links
    • Content (if more information is needed extra sheet is linked from Learn more link  appear on right)



Background color block is used mainly to structure long pages and highlight important content. You can add other blocks on the top of the grey background. Follow below steps:

  • add a Background color block
  • publish
  • open Background block for editing and create other blocks inside it

NOTE! If you want to add already made block inside Background block you have to first move them to "For this Site" level. Then open Background block for editing and drag and drop other blocks to level "For this block". After that you can move them inside the block's content area.


HERO H1 IMAGE BLOCK (with banner)

Driving cleaner traffic

The fuels of the future are already here. We produce renewable diesel and naphtha. Made in Finland.



Tabbed banner block gives possibility to add a main image with title, introduction text and several content tabs under it. User can navigate to tabs by using tab titles. Add Tabbed banner block by following below steps:

  • create Tabbed banner block and add title, ingress and main image
  • publish the block
  • open Tabbed banner block for editing and create Tab items under it 
  • publish the block again when you have added all necessary tab items



Our people

The capabilities, integrity and drive of our people make us unique. We take responsibility for ensuring every UPMer has a safe and inclusive working environment, opportunities to grow, and inspiring and responsible leadership.

Human rights

Respecting human rights across our businesses and value chain is an integral part of our Code of Conduct and respect to people on everything we do. We are committed to respecting and protecting human rights as defined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration for Human Rights. 




With Automatic content lift block you can get new Biofore articles and blogs from UPM.COM. You can choose content you want based on chosen tags.  Add Automatic content lift block by following below steps:

  • Create an Automatic content lift block
  • Select search root(s) from where you want content to be imported (with Biofore content choose UPM.com » About us » For media » Stories)
  • Choose how many articles/blogs you want to show (Lift up items count)
  • Choose lift up type (with Biofore content choose "Article" and "Blog").
  • Drag and drop tags from UPM.COM (UPM.com » [Settings] » [Tags] » [BlogTags] ), tags you can choose are:
    • Beyond fossils
    • Biochemicals
    • Biocomposites
    • Bioforum
    • Biomedicals
    • Careers
    • Circular Economy
    • Collaboration
    • Communication Papers
    • Energy
    • Forest
    • Formi
    • Growth
    • Innovations
    • Investors
    • People and society
    • Plywood
    • Profi
    • Pulp
    • Raflatac
    • Research
    • Responsibility
    • Specialty Papers
    • Summer jobs
    • Supply chain
    • Timber
    • UPM
    • UPM Wood sourcing and forestry
  • Select how many links you want in one row with "Lift up size" (1/4 width is mainly used)
  • Define order 
  • If you want to choose some special pages included among automatic feed you can add those in "Sticky lift ups". You can shoose also position for those in the feed.
  • Select extra options if needed:
    • Show author name in lift-ups
    • Hide lift up date
    • Hide lift up type
  • Publish the block


  • After launching new UPM.COM in Episerver all news added to News Center will be published also in UPM.COM (and its language versions).
  • If news pages is needed only in business site create it under your own site, not in News Center.

NOTE! Please don't add links to point to News Center's address. Always make manual news links to point target business site.



Social feed block displays different social media feeds inside one block. Feeds are collected from chosen sources. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are supported. 

Chosen social media accounts are defined in separate software (Flockler) by Future Internet team. If you are interested to add this block to your business site please fill the below form.


Fill the form of social feed block needs