UPM Training

Creating demo blocks



  • Open Media folder on the right.
  • To open image settings, double-click the image or click "Edit" on the image's right hamburger menu.
  • Click "All properties" button on the top (next to Options button) to get a better view.
  • Choose enabled languages.
  • Add names and descriptions for those languages.



  • You can also add tags for each document (or image) and use them to sort information with different blocks.
  • First you have to create them under site settings and then drag and drop those to image settings (Tags).
  • To create a new tag, go to [Settings] and create it (New Page » Tag). To get folder structure more clear use "Container pages". For example:

Container page: End-uses
Tag: Frames






  • Add files (documents, images,...) to Media folder and drag and drop tags to file's settings ("Tags" field).
  • Add "Tag filter search" to your webpage and define settings.

NOTE! "Tag filter search block" is intended for general use. There will be a separate block for Certificate finder.


Future development enhancements:

  • Add "Clear all" filters button (MVP)
  • Filter clear buttons should have less focus (grayed and smaller) (MVP)
  • When selecting big names we should keep the arrow (currently it disappears and only shows elipses after the name) (MVP)
  • Share functionality - copy to clipboard, opening email item with link copied there (other suggestions?) (MVP)
  • Pop-up window that would display copy to clipboard or send email options (other)
  • When opening filter list the selections should be left aligned (MVP)
  • Items in the filter should be ordered alphabetically (MVP)
  • Increase the gap between the clear filters buttons and the search results list (MVP)
  • Let's check after the clear buttons are changed