It's possible to personalise content in Episerver. If you want different content to be seen for different users it can be made by using personalisation. You can for example use personalisation for showing

  • different hero block for different geographic location (example A)
  • a banner with a link to survey for visitor who have visited a certain link before (example B)
  • different content for different countries inside same Content block (example C)

You can personalise different blocks after you have defined visitor groups. Visitor groups can be created in top navigation under arrow - administration access rights needed.

Example A: Geographical location

Hello other continents!

This hero is meant other than Asian visitors.


Example B: Visited page


Example C: Personalisation inside Content block



SiteAttention helps you optimize and structure the content on your website to reach better search engine optimisation. SiteAttention is a real-time tool that integrates directly with Episerver. This means that the tool is present when writing or editing the content on your site. 

You can add it to your user interface as a gadget from left or right navigation's gear:

  • click gear on top and choose "Add Gadgets"


  • select "Site Attention"

  • Open SiteAttention on that tool area.
  • Choose keyword for your page and see how your page works with that. In below example keyword "demo" gives already quite good readability but to get it better (at least 70%) we have to go through the rules marked with red circle. When you click a red circle you see quidance what changes has to be made on page to get better results.
  • You can use the "keyword helper" tool to check which keywords would be worth targeting. Compare the monthly searches (the more the better) and check the bar for how popular your keyword is among your competitors (the more popular the worse). Pick the words with the best ratio between the high monthly searches and the lowest popularity among your competitors. 


Watch video about SiteAttention and learn more


Video with overlay block uses Youtube connection. Block can be used with or without layer color (white or grey). Block can be created by following below steps:

  • Create Video with overlay block
  • Fill text fields in block's properties: 
    • Quote – bigger text inside quotation marks)
    • Author – speaker's name
    • Source – source of the comment or name of speaker's company/business
    • Youtube Video ID – Easiest way is to copy ID number from Youtube's Share link (see below screenshot). Paste ID number without domain address (for example C9soI3-W9-o).


    • Image – Default image is coming direct from Youtube. If you want to use separate image instead you can drag and drop it to field.
    • Overlay color – If needed choose white or grey as overlay color. By default (empty option) there isn't any color layer. By choosing color it might help to fade image quality problems (Youtube default images are not good quality).